Evening Dresses and
Costumes for bargains rental special

The pleasure of dressing a "SINGLE DRESS"

In Milan, La Nuova Sartoria is a historical activity that deals with the rental, production and sale of evening and formal wear for all special occasions.
Here you will find wide availability of women's and men's dresses, tuxedos, suits and tailcoats. 
In addition to important garments you can rent or buy costumes for parties such as Carnival and Halloween, or dresses for theatrical performances and events. 
In the atelier you can find proposals that include costumes of the '700, medieval, oriental, ladies and princes of the '800, cardinals dresses.
So you can find the outfit that best suits your tastes and personality.
The large assortment of stock includes vests, capes, stoles, bodices, hats, feather boa, petticoats, crinolines. This allows us to adapt and customize all the clothes and costumes with the correct accessories, so as to make your experience unforgettable.       

Nadia Venegoni's passion and creativity for tailoring have made the Milanese activity a point of reference for anyone looking for a unique and valuable garment. 

La Nuova Sartoria is synonymous with elegance, originality and uniqueness.

Evening and formal wear

for Woman

All women's evening dresses made by La Nuova Sartoria are unique pieces created sartorially; here you will find a wide choice of long and short dresses.
The rental cost for women's dresses starts from 150€ excluding VAT. At the time of the trial will be quantified the cost of any tailoring changes for tailoring. 

The cost of laundry and sanitation is included.

Evening and formal wear

For Men

Wide assortment of men's formal wear. All of the highest quality, made with high quality materials. Tuxedo, Tight and Frac.
Ceremonial suits are available both for sale and for rent, to satisfy any need.
The cost for the tuxedo is 140€ excluding VAT.
For Tight and Frac 170€ excluding VAT. 
Measuring, laundry and sanitation are included in the price.

Rental and sale

Carnival costumes

La Nuova Sartoria offers imaginative costumes and dresses for theme parties, Carnival and Halloween.
At the atelier you will find a wide choice of different proposals, solutions, sizes and accessories for all occasions.

The cost for the rental of costumes starts from 80€ excluding VAT. At the time of the test will be quantified the cost of any tailoring changes for the measurement. 
The cost of laundry and sanitation is included.

Rental and sale

Show costumes

La Nuova Sartoria in Milan makes use of many years of experience in the production of costumes and dresses for show business, theatre and cinema. 
The Atelier has been working for a long time with costume designers, artists and production companies who have relied on the skill, competence and artistic imagination of the Nuova Sartoria for many years.

As a private individual or company you will have the opportunity to request customized costumes for theme parties, letting you be advised by the experience and unique professionalism of Nadia Venegoni.