Evening and formal wear
production and hire

LANUOVASARTORIA offers to hire a wide choice of evening gowns, wedding and special occasions for men and women.
Evening dresses women are unique pieces having been made sartorially.
LANUOVASARTORIA also produces tailored suits starting from the model.

Rent time: 3/4 days.

The cost of renting a tuxedo complete
(jacket + pant + shirt + band + papillon) is eu 140,00 excluding VAT(safety measures and laundry service included in the cost)
The tight and complete frac (jacket + pant + vest + shirt + bow tie or plastron) eu 170,00 excluding VAT (safety measures and laundry service included in the cost).
Evening dresses women from eu 150.00 excluding VAT(the cost of tailoring for the possible development measure will be quantified at the time of the test, including laundry service).

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